Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Bee

Luke has been very busy coloring and drawing lately. We absolutely love Halloween at our house so he has been going crazy with his Halloween art. I have only posted the pictures that he drew himself, I didn't even attempt to post all of the Halloween pictures he has colored. He says that he wants to color one for everybody in the whole world!

These are two ghosts

This is a witch and her witche's brew

This is a mummy

This is a bat and the moon

This is a pumpkin and the moon

This is Frankenstien

This is Dracula

Has anyone noticed I am saying "This Is" an aweful lot?

Here is Wolfman

This is a green goblin

This is a "Spooky Witch Ghost and her cat"

On a less scary note, these are working trucks and tractors

This is Luke, Tanner, and Brielle outside by our trampoline

This is Luke at a pumpkin patch

These are racecars for Papa because he was sick

Here is a scarecrow

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Blast From The Past!

Luke has been somewhat uninterested in drawing ever since I created his blog! Little stinker! So, I found some of his old drawings which happen to be some of my favorites. I am an idiot because I didn't date them, but I a sure that they are about five months old or older.
This pictuer is of Luke and Mommy eating a giant ice cream cone. He knows what his mother likes! I love our frog-like tongues!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Luke and Tanner looking at the stars through telescopes. Notice how he wrote his name. He said that he made the letters look like aliens and planets. That is one of my favorite things about the picture.
This is of Mommy, Luke, and Ellie on the day she was born. The blue circles are snowflakes because it was snowing the day she was born, and the purple things are the lights in the parking lot of the hospital. I love the way he drew his face in this picture. He looks like such an adoring big brother even when he draws himself! So Cute!
I did actually write the date on the back of this one, he drew this in January of this year. I keep it in my journal because I think it is so sweet. The first person is him, and he is showing his CTR ring to Jesus and Heavenly Father (the two tall people). The little green people are kids waiting in line to see Jesus and Heavenly Father too. He really was excited about that CTR ring.
This picture is of Daddy showing Luke and Tanner how to do tricks with the basketball.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Beginning of the Blog!

Luke is always coloring and drawin, he absolutely loves it, and we love to see his imagination at work. I have decided to start a blog for him to display all of his great drawings and creations. I am hoping that by doing so it will be a good way to keep record of them, and it may clear up some fridge space as well :).
These are some "cool cars" the purple car is Grandpa Ivers' coupe, the pinkish one is a Charger, the green one is a "Bronco Donco," the little one is a VW Bug, and the red and orange is a Camaro.
These are drag racers, the top one is Luke's, the second one is Tanner's and the bottom one is Brielle's